Fall 2017 Honors Seminars

M Circle with red flowers.

HONR 208L Justice Matters: Law, Literature, and Film

HONR 208M Utopia and Dystopia: Reality and Relevance

HONR 208R Leonardo and the Science of Art

HONR 209O The Science of Sleep 

HONR 217 Life, The Multiverse and Everything: Developing an Individual Cosmovision

HONR 218B Making a Difference: The Lives and Words of Leaders Who Shape Our Time

HONR 218C Love Me, Hate Me, Use Me, Save Me: Our Conflicting Views of Animals

HONR 218J Sustainability and Development: From the Individual to the Global

HONR 218L Language and Mind

HONR 218M Elements of Music Composition for Non-Majors

HONR 218P Immigration: Personal Stories and Policy Changes

HONR 218T Political Theater: On Stage and in Washington

HONR228J The Caribbean Amidst the Global: Interrogating Issues of Pirates and Piracy

HONR 228N Alleviating Poverty in Developing Countries: The Economics and Challenges of Development Programs

HONR 228T Journalism and Peace

HONR229L Climate Change: Science, Economics, and Governance

HONR 238C The Future of Energy and Climate Policy

HONR 238F From Animal Thoughts to Animal Feelings: Cognitive and Applied Ethology’s Understanding of Animals

HONR 238L Engineering in Ancient Empires

HONR 238P Memory, Imagination, Invention: A Creative Writing Workshop

HONR 238Q Nuclear Waste: The Other Consequences of Nuclear Weapons

HONR 238R Terrorism

HONR 239B New York City and the American Dream

HONR 239D Introduction to Printmaking

HONR 248G The Origins and Ramifications of Sex and Sexes

HONR 248H From Willowbrook to Attica: Delinquency in the Context of Disability

HONR 248J A Most Human Nation

HONR 248K Application of Biomed Ethics (1 credit)

HONR 249E Modern and Postmodern Music: Trends, Styles, Issues, & Ideas

HONR 258E Creating the Future through Systemic Thinking and Design

HONR 258O The Kinesiological Bases of Skilled Performance

HONR 258T Tools of Fiction: Literature and/as Creative Writing

HONR 258W Exploring Homophobia: Demystifying Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues

HONR 259C Fearfully Great Lizards: Topics in Dinosaur Research

HONR 259G Fairness, Inequality, & Democracy

HONR 259K Global Inequality: Research and Practice

HONR 268L United States Immigration Issues

HONR 268N Cracking the Secrets of the Universe Using Computers: Re-discovering the Higgs and Searching for Invisible Matter

HONR 269T Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan

HONR 278D National Security Dilemmas

HONR 278E The Internet, Democracy, and Dictatorship

HONR 278G Exploring How Foreign Policy Is Developed

HONR 278K Evolutionary Processes in Health Medicine

HONR 278V The Materiality of Diaspora: Invented Identities and Transformed World Views

HONR 279B Social Security in a Changing America

HONR 279L The Problem Of Prejudice

HONR 279Q The Boy Who Lived, All Grown Up: Assessing the Harry Potter Books & their Adaptations

HONR 279R Faith and Values in Public Life

HONR288A Power & Public Policy

HONR 288O Why Do Things Fail?

HONR 289N Physical Activity in Health & Human Performance: From Fat to Fit to Olympic Gold

HONR 289P How Do Innovators Think? 

HONR 299C Fashion and Costumes Through the Ages

HONR 299F Financial Crises: The Foundation of Global Tension

HONR 299G The American Political Tradition

HONR 299H Cutting Edge Science: Understanding Current Scientific Issues

HONR 299I The Practice of Science in an Age of Truthiness

HONR 348J Contemporary Social Issues

HONR 349J Reading and Writing About Poetry

HONR 359B Alternatives to Violence