Spring 2016 Honors Seminars


HONR 208L Justice Matters: Law, Literature, and Film

HONR 208P Tolkien: Mythmaker of our Times

HONR 209G Elements of Drawing for Non-Majors

HONR 209W War Stories: Examining the War Experience through Personal Narratives, Fiction, and Film

HONR 218D Life, The Universe, and Everything

HONR 218J Sustainability and Development: From the Individual to the Global

HONR 218M Elements of Music Composition for Non-Majors

HONR 218P Immigration: Personal Stories and Policy Changes 

HONR 218R Global Revolutions: From the Declaration of Independence to the Arab Spring and Ukraine

HONR 218T “Political Theater”: On Stage and in Washington, D.C.

HONR 218W The Idea of Crime

HONR 219D On Beyond Dinosaurs: Patterns and Enigmas in Vertebrate Evolution

HONR 219E The Psychology of Love and Money

HONR 219F Heroes and Villains in American Film

HONR 219M Why Do We Do What We Do? The Role of Motivation in People’s Achievements and Choices

HONR 219T Surviving Natural Disasters: Learning from Hurricane Katrina, Big Earthquakes, and Other Natural Hazards

HONR 219Z Apocalypse Then and Now: World Traditions of the End Times

HONR 228J The Caribbean Amidst the Global: Interrogating Issues of Pirates and Piracy

HONR 228V Warfare and Society in Greece, Rome, and Byzantium

HONR 229A Taking Action in a Hungry, Hot, and Crowded World

HONR 229O Ancient Rome in Historical Fiction: Narratives, Sources and Screen Adaptations

HONR 238C The Future of Energy and Climate Policy

HONR 238D The Contemporary American Musical Theatre: From Hair to Hairspray–and Beyond

HONR 238G The Manhattan Project: A Century of Radioactivity, Nuclear Weapons, and Nuclear Power

HONR 238K Infectious Ideas: Health and Disease in Modern America

HONR 238N Public Health and Contemporary Health Issues: Saving Lives Millions at a Time

HONR 238Q Nuclear Waste: The Other Consequence of Nuclear Weapons

HONR 238R Terrorism

HONR 238V Professionally Essential: Analysis & Visualization Skills in the Era of Big Data

HONR 238Z Gladiators and Caesars: The Archaeology of Roman Spectacle

HONR 239A Constructing and De-Constructing the Colonial Chesapeake

HONR 239C The Creative Process in Dance

HONR 239V Introduction to Visual Storytelling

HONR 248T The Harlem Renaissance: Art, Literature, Classic Blues

HONR 248Z Twitting #PoliticalCrises: Social Media, Big Data, and the Politics of Conflict

HONR 258A Renewing the Body: The Science Behind Regeneration and Immortality

HONR 258D Stage, Screen, and Life: A Culture History of Drag

HONR 258F Incarceration Nation: American History Behind Bars

HONR 259G It’s Not Fair! So, What Ya Going to Do About It?: Fairness, Inequality, and Democracy

HONR 259P Jane Austen: Her World, Our Obsession

HONR 268Z Catastrophic Animal and Human Disease Outbreaks: What Else Can We Do To Prevent Them?

HONR 269E Exploring Key Issues of Globalization

HONR 269L Cracking the Secrets of the Universe Using Computers–Part II

HONR 269T Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy toward Afghanistan

HONR 278G Exploring How Foreign Policy Is Developed

HONR 278R Creative People, Creative Practice

HONR 288L Medical Devices: Applied Ethics and Public Policy

HONR 288N Understanding the Global Economic Environment

HONR 288P Why Do Things Burn?

HONR 289L Biofuels: Fact or Fiction?

HONR 289P How Do Innovators Think?

HONR 298F Explaining Social Change: Fact and Fiction in Understanding Why our World Looks the Way It Does

HONR 338A Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Opposing Histories

HONR 348D Innovation and Social Change: Do Good Now

HONR 348J Contemporary Social Issues

HONR 348M Stock Market

HONR 349G Big History: Earth, Life, and Sustainability

HONR 359B Alternatives to Violence

HONR 368M May the Force Be With You: The Science and Engineering of UMD’s GEDI Space Mission to Measure Global Forests

HONR 379W Honors Independent Study; Writing Internship: Maryland General Assembly Pre-Professional Writing Internship