Honors Option

The Honors Option has been established in order to offer upper level Honors students greater flexibility in fulfilling the Honors course requirements of departmental and college Honors programs. The Honors Option is designed for those departments which find it particularly difficult to offer separate upper division Honors courses. It is not intended to replace the offering of separate upper level Honors courses, whenever adequate resources are available.

Students can earn a maximum of 6 Honors credits in upper division, non-Honors courses by contracting with professors to pursue study which can be shown to be qualitatively beyond the normal requirements of the course. Students may contract to do additional work or work which replaces the normal course requirements. In either case, it should be clear that the plan of study enriches the student’s academic experience.

To participate in Honors contracting, an Honors student must submit a completed Honors Option Contract form provided by the Honors College. The contract will describe the Honors course requirements to be completed by the student and will specify how these requirements are qualitatively beyond the normal requirements of the course. The contract should be submitted to the Honors College by the 10th day of class. The student will be notified within one week of receipt of the contract whether or not it has been approved or denied.

In addition to regular class attendance, students and professors are expected to meet at least twice before the end of the semester on specified dates to discuss the Honors component of the course and to assure that the provisions of the Honors Option Contract are being fulfilled.

Eligibility and Limitations

  1. Students must be admitted to a departmental or college Honors Program.
  2. Students may contract a maximum of two upper level courses (6 credit hours) during their undergraduate career.
  3. Students may contract only one course per semester.
  4. If a proposal is denied approval, the student may resubmit a revised proposal addressing the issues specified in the “Reasons for denial” section of the Notification Form. The entire process of reconsideration must be completed by the third week of the semester. There are no exceptions.

Professor’s Responsibility

  1. Develop and approve an appropriate plan of Honors study with the student and specify the dates for consultation.
  2. Assign a grade to the student in the normal manner, keeping in mind the terms of the Honors Contract.
  3. At the end of the semester the sponsoring faculty member will receive the Honors Option Final Report Form. As soon as possible, the faculty member should return the form indicating whether or not the work submitted meets the conditions of the Honors Contract and therefore should or should not receive Honors credit. Based on this information, the Honors Program will notify the Office of Records and Registration whether or not to apply the notation “Honors credit” to the transcript.

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