University Honors and the Honors College have a wonderful advising staff ready to help students with academic planning or any other issues that may arise. To make an appointment with an advisor, please call the Honors College office at 301-405-6771.

Dean Hebert
Mr. Dean Hebert

Dean is the Assistant Director for Advising in the Honors College. All current and prospective University Honors students are invited to contact Dean with any questions.

“I meet with Honors students to help with any academic concerns they have—completing a University Honors Citation, thinking about changing majors or adding a second major, dealing with academic difficulties, etc.

If you have a question or concern, I’m eager to discuss your options. I can’t make a decision for you, but I can give you the information you need to make a good decision.



Ms. Liza Lebrun

Liza is a Coordinator and Advisor in the Honors College. Liza supervises HONR100 and the Peer Mentor Program. She also advises students on academic policies, procedures, and deadlines. Liza also meets individually with students to help them develop their résumés.

“Contact me the second you sense something is going wrong. Most students struggle far too long in a class before emailing me.

As an advisor, I have access to resources such as time management and tutoring services.”