Winston Family University Honors Best Student Papers Award winners and their faculty mentors were honored at a luncheon in the Riggs Alumni Center at the University of Maryland on April 12, 2013. Pictures from the luncheon follow below. The awards were given to the following students (listed along with their professors):

Best Honors Essay

Dani Dredger and Tacy Lambiase
Dr. Ingrid Satelmajer
“Properties, Wealth, and Losing Yourself in Jane Austen Monopoly”
HONR 219P Jane Austen: Her World Our Obsession

Cara Hamel
Tim Nusraty, JD
“Using Intelligence to Trump Violence”
HONR269T Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy towards Afghanistan

Kai-li Liang
Dr. Cathy Barks
“The Polio Experience”
HONR288R: Medical Humanities: Illness and Autobiography

Best Honors Research Paper

John Daristotle
Dr. Henry C. Lucas, Jr
“Formulating Policy on Cell Phone Radiation”
HONR269P Formulating US Science and Technology Policy

Benjamin Kramer
Dr. Frances Lee
“Power and Pragmatism: Lyndon B. Johnson: Hill Country Politico to Congressman, 1908-1941”
GVPT479H—Seminar in American Politics: Political Ambition

Amanda Ward
Dr. Benjamin Rosenthal
“Unforeseen Consequences: The Effects of the Development of Adaptive Immunity on the Evolution of Innate Immunity”
HONR289A: The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Infectious Disease
Best Honors Thesis

Alexandra Houston-Ludlam
Dr. F. Scott Hall
“The Effects of Gene Knockout of the Vesicular Monoamine Transporter (VMAT2; SLC18A2) and the Dopamine Transporter (DAT; SLC3A6) on Ethanol Consumption and Escalation in Mice”
Honors Psychology

Janina Aldona Vaitkus
Dr. Helim Aranda-Espinoza
“Effects of Inflammation and Substrate Stiffness on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Interactions with the Vascular Endothelium”
Honors Bioengineering