Winston Family Honors Best Student Papers Award winners and their faculty mentors were honored at a luncheon in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center at the University of Maryland on April 24, 2015.

Pictures from the luncheon follow below. The awards were given to the following students (listed along with their professors):

Best Honors Essay

Allison Giza
Dr. Michelle Markey Butler
“Modern Movie Magic”
HONR208P Tolkien: Mythmaker of our Times
Lizbeth Hu
Dr. Ingrid Satelmajer
“Lost Girls in a New York Neverland”
HONR239B New York City and the American Dream

Rachel Zemel
Dr. Ralph Bauer
“In the Eye of the Beholder: Columbus’s Dynamic Perspectives Resulting from Power and Religion”
ENGL289B The Rites of Discovery: Science, Law, and Literature 1492-1992

Best Honors Research Paper

Elliot Frank
Dr. Robert Choflet
“The Shadow of Hollywood, the Aftershock of Watts: Divergent Political Thought Within the L.A. Rebellion School”
AASP202H Black Culture in the United States

Vishnupriya Kareddy
Dr. Ian Ward
“Scriptural Authority and Competing Goods in the Wake of Rorty”
GVPT449J Seminar in Political Philosophy: Political Theology

Susan Lubejko
Dr. Benjamin Rosenthal
“The Evolution and Health Consequences of Bats as Virus Reservoirs”
HONR289A The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Infectious Disease

Best Honors Thesis

Stephen Randall
Dr. William D. Linch III
“The Structure of Superforms”
Honors Physics

Hannah Spooner
Dr. Anya Jones
“Methods of Quantifying Leading Edge Vortex Burst on Rotating Wings”
Honors Aerospace Engineering