University Honors is a great way to begin your years at the University of Maryland. With a ready-made community, you can feel instantly at home and make life-long friends.

You will join a supportive, close-knit community in Hagerstown Hall, enjoy a vibrant intellectual and social atmosphere, and learn and have fun with peers who encourage your success.

The University Honors living-learning community will help you:

  • Immediately feel at home at the university
  • Make instant and life-long friends
  • Share information about the campus and classes
  • Make intellectual and social connections
  • Achieve greater academic success
  • Make connections with faculty members
  • Become more involved across campus and engaged in leadership positions
  • Be more deeply satisfied with entire college experience

The sum is greater than its parts – a vibrant residential environment enriches your college experience immeasurably.

What are the lasting benefits of living in an LLP?

“From our longitudinal analyses, we found that even a one-year living-learning program (LLP) experience generated lasting effects on students. Those students who had lived in an LLP during their first year in college:

  • had higher levels of academic self-confidence,
  • were more likely to be a mentor for other students, and
  • remained more committed to civic engagement three years later.”

The National Study of Living-Learning Programs