Thursday5.30pm – 8.00pm

Omar Samad, CEO Silkroad Consulting and former Afghan Ambassador to France

History has recorded different models of radicalism, in different contexts and in different time periods, but recently, attention has been focused on what is termed by some as “radicalism within Islam”. This course will examine the scope and breadth of this phenomenon, the root causes and drivers, as well as the challenges it poses to policy-makers in today’s interconnected world. By looking at specific case-studies, students will not only engage in research and basic analysis, but will also look at practical policy recommendations suited to different settings to deal and cope with consequences and results.

This Honors Seminar will make substantive use of class interactions, guest speakers, following world events and news cycles in relation to the subject matter, specific readings, and challenge the student to offer real-world analytical and policy advice.

Each student will be asked to write two papers, one analytical or descriptive, and the other, at the end of the semester, in the form of a policy proposal paper.

Grading and evaluation: Class participation/attendance and preparedness, knowledge of news and real-time world events and trends related to course topics, and submission of quality papers in terms of substance, form, practicality and applicability, will determine the final grade.