HONR  299B

Misha Kachman, School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies 

Mikhail “Misha” Kachman is a renowned designer who has worked at Arena Stage, Round House Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, and The Kennedy Center, among many other companies in the United States and abroad. See his extraordinary work HERE.

The course is designed as a broad survey of the evolution of clothing styles and materials in the West through history, from early Mid-Eastern civilizations to the present day. It will demonstrate how sociological, political, economic, artistic, geographic, technological and other factors affect clothing through the ages, and how, at the same time, costume and personal adornment emerge not only as practical necessities and/or signs of social rank, but also as manifestations of human individuality, character, and personal taste.

We will examine how knowledge of historic costume expands and deepens a person’s understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts of the past and how, on the other hand, it is applied in professional involvement with clothing and adornment, particularly in theater and cinematography.