This is a one credit course on applied ethics for anyone going into the biomedical field. I use case studies from my experience, as a biomedical engineer and former Director of the Division of Cardiovascular Devices at the Food and Drug Administration, to teach students how to approach difficult ethical problems.

This is a one-credit (50 minutes per week) discussion course on ethical theories and their application. The course includes the following: Ethical Theories (Utilitarianism and Deontology), Application Of The Ethical Theories, Solving Current Issues In Biomedicine, Professionalism, Codes Of Ethics, Whistle-Blowing, and Conflicts Of Interest.

BIOE 150 and HONR 288L are three credit courses that include all of the material in this course, so this course is not appropriate for students who have taken BIOE 150 or HONR 288L.

Grading will consist of class participation (30%), two 2-3 page papers (40% – i.e., 20% each), and a 4-5 page final exam paper (30%).

The course includes the following:

Ethical Theories (Utilitarianism and Deontology)

Application Of The Ethical Theories

Solving Issues In Biomedicine


Codes Of Ethics


Conflicts Of Interest


Grading consists of :

Class Participation – 30%

Two 2-3 page papers – 40% (20% each)

Final Exam Paper – 30%