Admission deadline

To join University Honors, students must first be admitted to the University of Maryland’s highly rigorous and competitive Honors College. For best consideration, prospective students should submit their application to the University of Maryland no later than the priority deadline of November 1. Students who are invited to join the Honors College (about 10% of … Read More

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Current college students

Students not invited to the Honors College as freshmen may apply after completing one full year of university coursework after high school. Students with more than two semesters completed are no longer eligible. Departmental Honors programs are better suited for students who have that already passed that milestone. Honors College students who wish to leave a … Read More


Community without Sameness

University Honors makes the large university small, but not too small. Because it is the largest of the Honors College programs, students have the widest variety of interests, backgrounds, and majors. And faculty are every bit as diverse as the students. Every college and department on campus contributes some of their best faculty to develop … Read More


Academic choice

University Honors students have almost limitless exceptional choices of how to fulfill their General Education (GenEd) requirements, electives, and, in some cases, requirements in their major/s. Almost every HONR seminar, H-Version, Honors Option, and Federal Semester course can be used to fulfill the University’s standard graduation requirements. In addition, University Honors students, unlike students in … Read More


Living and Learning Together

University Honors is a great way to begin your years at the University of Maryland. With a ready-made community, you can feel instantly at home and make life-long friends. You will join a supportive, close-knit community in Hagerstown Hall, enjoy a vibrant intellectual and social atmosphere, and learn and have fun with peers who encourage … Read More

Prof. Chris Vadala

Faculty Videos

Faculty members from across campus teach in University Honors. Here are a few videos featuring some of our students’ favorites. Click through to get a feel for who we are.