Honors Seminars: interdisciplinary topics, outstanding students, terrific instructors, and no more than 20 students in the room. You bring your ideas, your passion, and your interests to the courses you decide to take. We make sure you are given complex problems to think about, significant writing assignments with meaningful feedback, chances to practice presentation skills in formal settings, and a network of friends from every major in every college.


World as Classroom

In addition to hundreds of Honors courses—Honors seminars, H-version courses, Departmental Honors courses, and Honors Option courses—University Honors develops signature seminars designed to take advantage of all that our nation’s capital has to offer. University Honors prides itself in developing state-of-the-art 21st century educational opportunities that combine in-the-classroom learning with out-of-the-classroom real-world experiences in Washington, D.C. … Read More


Arts & Sciences in Today’s World

Through the study of the physical and social sciences, history, languages, literatures, religions, and artistic expressions, these seminars prepare students to participate in today’s global world with cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills, imagination, and empathy.

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Creativity is as important today as it ever was. These seminars offer students the chance to develop their own creative talents and to study the creative process in a variety of settings.