Prof. Lawrence Gordon, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Globalization is transforming the world of business. Indeed, it is essential that today’s businesses recognize the importance and effect of globalization on their ability to be successful. Two of the key drivers of global business in an information-based economy are accounting and computers. This course discusses the role of these two drivers in facilitating global business activities, with a focus on the Internet as the link that connects accounting, computers and global business. Besides lectures from the course instructor, Dr. Lawrence A. Gordon, the course also includes guest presentations from senior business and government executives. In addition, the course includes one field trip to a global organization based in Washington, D.C., (e.g., International Monetary Fund). Students earn 3 credits for the regular course. By adding the London Experience Option (see below) to the course, students can earn a fourth credit. To earn the fourth credit, students are required to submit an acceptable paper describing their London Experience.

London Experience Option (1 additional credit): Students enrolled in HONR228C have the option (but are not required) to participate in the “London Experience,” a 4-day trip to London with Dr. Gordon over spring break that allows students to visit global financial institutions based in London and meet with executives from global companies! The Honors College will cover half of each student’s expenses related to the London Experience. Students enrolled in HONR 228C will have until the end of the drop/add period in the spring semester (February 4) to register for HONR 228Z. To earn this 1 credit, students will be required to submit an acceptable paper describing their London Experience, with emphasis on how this Experience complements the material covered in HONR 228C.