Creativity is as important today as it ever was. These seminars offer students the chance to develop their own creative talents and to study the creative process in a variety of settings.

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Elements of Drawing for Non-Majors

HONR 209G This course will emphasize learning techniques and concepts of observation and representation using traditional drawing media such as a variety of pencils, vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, conte crayon, ink and wash, and a variety of paper. Subject matter includes still life, human figure, nature, the built environment, and conceptual projects. The majority of … Read More

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Elements of Music Composition for Non-Majors

HONR 218M This course will emphasize learning concepts and techniques of music composition through the study of music theory and structure used in both classical and popular music forms. Students will compose music using computer assisted composition tools. These tools will include cloud based digital audio workstations and music notation programs. Compositions will be written … Read More

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Introduction to Printmaking: A Studio Workshop for Non-Majors

This workshop will introduce students to fine art printmaking techniques and their historical and contemporary context. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on experience, students will learn the printmaking’s tools, paper, inks, and how to produce images in multiple. Students will develop their own imagery demonstrating their skill and confidence in printing on a … Read More

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‘Political Theater’: On Stage and in Washington, DC

HONR 218T How do pressing issues get reflected on the American stage? Are there times when the theater helps drive public debate? How have playwrights responded to 9/11, and to early 21st century economic calamities? Can playwrights still attack through fiction, as Arthur Miller confronted McCarthyism via The Crucible? Is the new wave of documentary plays … Read More

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The Creative Process in Dance

HONR 239C Exploration of the creative process in dance, focusing on modern/contemporary dance; engagement with the visual and kinetic nature of the art form; study of different approaches to inspiration, experimentation, research, content, movement vocabulary, and structure; exploration of the collaborative/interactive nature of the process.


Introduction to Visual Storytelling

HONR 239V This course is for non-Journalism majors only. Students who enroll in this course will be invited to challenge themselves creatively on a visual communication level. The world we live in is becoming more and more loaded with visual stimuli. Everyone is taking photos. Everyone is shooting video clips. Everyone is uploaded and retweeting. … Read More

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Creative People, Creative Practice

HONR 278R What do creative people do to get new ideas? Do you have to be intelligent to be creative? Is creativity genetically determined? Can creativity be learned? Can it be measured? Is there a connection between creativity and motivation? Between creativity and nonconformity? Creativity and mental illness? The notion of creativity raises many questions, … Read More

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How Do Innovators Think?

Students may not earn credit for both HONR289P and BMGT289B for credit. Innovation is the lifeblood of our world economy and a strategic imperative for every organization. Innovation is frequently recognized as an important competitive advantage for organizations. The United States is falling behind on innovation. A recent ranking of 40 countries’ efforts to foster … Read More

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How to Think Like da Vinci, Montaigne, and Shakespeare

Leonardo da Vinci, Michel de Montaigne, and Shakespeare are often understood as “geniuses” who somehow transcended their time and place, authors who have something to teach us about the human condition and about ourselves. But what makes their style of thought distinctive and how has this question of style been described historically? Exploring da Vinci, … Read More

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Journalism and Peace

We have no shortage of war correspondents. But where are the peace correspondents? Where are the journalists whether in print or broadcast, whether toiling for the wealthy corporate media or going it alone as independents, whether columnists or editorial writers, whether reporters and editors on high school or college newspapers or reporters and editors of … Read More

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Creating the Future Through Systemic Thinking and Design

This course introduces students to design thinking methods, frameworks, and skills, which are part of a larger body of knowledge known as ”systems thinking”. This course is aimed at enhancing the overall understanding and application of Design Thinking Strategy and Methods to positively influence the development of innovative yet pragmatic product and service ideas. Through … Read More

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Formulating U.S. Science and Technology Policy

The U.S. competes in a global economy primarily on the basis of knowledge and creativity. Much of our success comes from capabilities in science and technology. These two areas raise significant policy issues for the U.S. and the world. How does one protect intellectual property that is essential for making economic progress? Should the government … Read More