What do creative people do to get new ideas? Do you have to be intelligent to be creative? Is creativity genetically determined? Can creativity be learned? Can it be measured? Is there a connection between creativity and motivation? Between creativity and nonconformity? Creativity and mental illness? The notion of creativity raises many questions, questions that serve as launch points for our inquiry. Like a flat stone skipping across the water’s surface, we touch on diverse topics in the sciences, social sciences, business, humanities, and the arts. We develop case studies about real-life situations in which creative people solve problems, overcome obstacles, and resolve conflicts. Finally, we apply what we’ve learned in a creative project. Mostly, this seminar is about the practice of creativity. We try out new ideas and take risks, seeking to better understand ourselves.

What’s involved? Course components include short readings and videos, journals (5), case study, case study presentation, creative project, and creative project presentation.