We have no shortage of war correspondents. But where are the peace correspondents? Where are the journalists whether in print or broadcast, whether toiling for the wealthy corporate media or going it alone as independents, whether columnists or editorial writers, whether reporters and editors on high school or college newspapers or reporters and editors of large circulation dailies, who bring to the public the news about peace? This course is a modest effort to examine some of the issues involving journalism and peace.

You can reach Dr. McCarthy by phone at 202 537-1372; by mail: the Center for Teaching Peace, 4501 Van Ness St., Washington DC 20016; or by email  cmccarthy@starpower.net

Assignments include:

• The course is discussion based. All opinions, all experiences, all observations, all witticisms, all disagreements, all digressions (well, almost all) are welcomed. Students are encouraged to bring to class news stories they think would liven the class discussions and debates.

Readings include:

Strength Through Peace: the Ideas and People of NonviolenceSolutions to ViolenceAll of One Peace. Films will include: War Made Easy, Gandhi, The Danish Resistance, and The Language of War.