How are Google, Twitter, Facebook, wikis, blogs the iPod and iPad changing the world and altering our views of self? This course will explore transformations ushered in by digital technologies, starting with the shift from mass media to personal, customized, participatory media. It is designed to help students think broadly and thematically about the impact of the Internet and related technologies, through readings, class dialogue and hands-on use of digital services.

Students will explore how digital media are impacting business, politics, education, news, culture and community. They will experiment with wikis, blogs, virtual worlds and social media. Reading topics will include the import of search engines, how news is being told in new ways as it becomes more participatory, and the evolution of electronic social networking. Students will be encouraged to think critically about what these trends mean to the future of journalism, social discourse and human identity.

Assignments include:

• Assignments will include weekly blog posts, one final essay, and two tests.

Readings include:

“Click, What Millions of People are Doing Online and Why It Matters,” by Bill Tancer

“Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder,” by David Weinberger