Prof. Robert Grimm, University Honors Faculty Fellow and Director, Do Good Institute

(Formerly HONR349I: The Art and Science of Philanthropy; students may not receive credit for both.)

How would you create a better world with thousands of dollars? In this innovative course recently profiled by the Washington Post, you will learn the strategies of effective public leaders and then set up and run a philanthropic fund, including developing your mission, authoring a request for proposals, reviewing applications, and interviewing the leadership of and visiting potential grantees. You will ultimately invest thousands of dollars with an organization(s) working to achieve a beneficial change.

Note: Students enrolling in this seminar should plan on approximately two to four outside of class events with prominent public leaders and philanthropists.

For more information, check out “How to Give Away $10,000,” a recent article in the Washington Post.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to

• Explain and analyze the role of philanthropy and the voluntary sector in America

• Navigate the process of “giving well,”

• Articulate how your values as well as the knowledge and skills you have developed shape your view of philanthropy

Practice and exhibit the leadership required to make an impact in the community

• State your personal philanthropic autobiography and philosophy of the role(s) and capacity of philanthropy